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Here at St Bartholomew and All Saints Church we take our responsibilities surrounding the safeguarding of children, young people, and adults who may be at risk very seriously.

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Welcome to Eco Church: A Rocha UK’s award scheme for churches in England and Wales

 who want to demonstrate that the gospel is Good News for God’s earth.  



The damage that the human race is doing to God’s planet has been the lead story in so many news broadcasts of late.  St. Bart’s is mindful of these concerns and has set up its own ecological committee to work through the requirements as set out in Rocha UK’s award scheme with a view to achieving an award, bronze, silver or gold for our work with Eco conservation. Some of the recommendations for energy conservation we will not be able to achieve as I doubt it would be possible to double-glaze our church windows!! However we do need to be proactive in monitoring are use of energy we use within the church.

There are five categories which we have been working through in this award scheme and have had some success in the first four areas:

Worship and Teaching  



Community and Global Engagement  


Basically we have done well in all but one of the categories; the ‘Life Style’ section is proving our Achilles Heel. This section exhorts our congregation to consider their life style choices and to consider what ways we can lessen our carbon foot print and recycling habits. (I took the foot print test and was shocked and required much soul searching.) Using the web site below one can make an estimate of one’s own foot print: it is an interesting exercise!


This site will not only give you your foot print but will also suggest ways in which you can pay to offset one’s carbon footprint with projects in the UK and overseas.

Much of the life style section is encouraging the church congregation to make a personal audit of their ‘lifestyle’ starting with a carbon foot print assessment, but then to move onto other areas of life. So I offer these suggested areas:

To consider one’s personal use of recyclable material and what we can do to cut out buying single use plastic.*

Review one’s use of home energy consumption – a few degrees lower on the thermostat can make so much difference.

To encourage people to cycle/walk/or car share during the day and when coming to church.

Encourage the congregation to source their food needs from local products (local butchers and green grocers).

Review one’s use of Fair Trade products.

Asking our congregation to consider these matters will be a major plus in fulfilling our life style section and hopefully encourage people to think seriously about their use of the earth’s resources. Our official Lenten preparation material this year is also focusing on environmental issues in God’s world. However we don’t want to just tick boxes but to make a difference in God’s world. With that in mind I offer the following shopping suggestions from personal experience.

*Over the past few months we have been ordering various household products from a website called ‘Splosh’. Their website boasts that they have saved 419,002 plastic bottles from the bin. One buys the initial container and there-after one makes an order for refills. Our personal count tells me that we have saved 67 plastic bottles in the last few months; and have saved even more by not buying sparkling water in plastic bottles from the supermarket.


One can also make use of another website (Lush) that enables one to dispense with plastic containers in the bathroom. https://uk.lush.com/ sells shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream and deodorant bars and all manner of other items – so no more wasteful plastic containers.

URL: https://uk.lush.com/

In our own town there is ‘The Town Pantry’ trailer who are keen to eliminate excess packaging and single-use plastics, they are planning to open Wootton Bassett’s very own zero waste store. They are currently in the Market on Wednesday (and behind Rouses some Saturdays) which supplies refills for all manner of household materials. Pre-ordering service is available.         Facebook: thetownpantry.  Jo 07748090700

In future times I hope to be able to report how well the committee is doing as we work towards a more sustainable future in God’s world and to address the use of materials and recycling in our church which would including our use of electricity and heating.

Committee approved.

Michael Page