St Bartholomew and All Saints

Royal Wootton Bassett

HOLY BAPTISM (Christening) at St Bartholomew and All Saints

We are delighted that you are thinking about baptism either for yourself

or your child.

Baptisms normally take place on the 1st Sunday of the month at 12 noon.

Before the baptism day you will receive a visit from a member of the clergy team

who will be delighted to prepare you  for the service.

We welcome enquiries from adults who wish to explore the Christian faith.

Adults may either be  baptised following a preparation course either in the

parish church or in the context of a Confirmation Service.

For further information, or to make arrangements for a Baptism, please call the parish office -  01793 853272

WEDDINGS at St Bartholomew and All Saints  

CONGRATULATIONS! We are so pleased you wish to be married in church

If one or both of you live in the Parish of Royal Wootton Bassett you are welcome to be married in the church of St Bartholomew and All Saints

You may also be married in this church if you are on the Electoral Roll (this is a list of those who attend church) and you may join the Electoral Roll by attending the church regularly.

You may also marry in this church if one or both of you:

at any time lived in the parish for at least 6 months or regularly attended church services in this parish church for a period of at least 6 months or one of your parents or grand parents was married in this church

If you do not meet the above criteria you may still be married by Special License.

For further information, or to make arrangements for a Wedding, please call  the parish office -  01793 853272  

Prior to your wedding you will receive a “Getting Married!” pack and you will be invited  to meet with the priest who will conduct your wedding

You will also be invited to a 'Marriage and Wedding Workshop’  in the January prior to your wedding; this is an opportunity to prepare for the future with other couples planning to be married